101-200 Calories

Spicy South Indian Vegetable Stew

Dive into the scrumptiousness of Spicy South Indian Vegetable Stew! A pot full of health and a feast for your taste buds, this tangy and spicy mix of colorful veggies is perfect for a nutritious lunch. A burst of Indian flavors, with the delicious combo of potato, onion, tomato, and brinjal all cooked in aromatic spices. Not only tasty, but also great for digestion and weight reduction. Enjoy your guilt-free comfort food without compromising on taste or health. #HealthyEating #IndianCuisine #WeightLossRecipe #VegetarianDelight

Goan Veg Curry Bowl

Discover the vibrancy of Indian coastal cuisine with this Goan Veg Curry Bowl. Loaded with fresh veggies, coconut milk & heady cumin, this low-cal dish is perfect for health-conscious foodies. Delve into simplicity, authenticity & nutrition of Goa's culinary delights. #GoanCuisine #Vegan #HealthyEating

Spiced Lentil and Vegetable Khichdi

Indulge in the rustic flavors of Rajasthan with our hearty Spiced Lentil and Vegetable Khichdi. A one-bowl wonder, this low-calorie, high-protein dish brings together fresh vegetables and lentils with traditional Indian spices. Cook, savour and let the cooking adventure begin! #IndianCuisine #HealthyEating #CookingAtHome

Spiced Sorghum Stir-Fry Bowl

Swap your regular rice for nutritious sorghum and stir fry with traditional Indian spices and veggies for a flavorful and calorie-light meal! Round off with cucumber-tomato Raita for a satisfying fusion of health and taste. Dive into this Maharashtrian masterpiece today! #HealthyEating #Vegetarian #IndianCuisine #SorghumStirFry

Quick Punjabi Kala Chana Bowl

Travel to Punjab right from your kitchen with our delicious and nutritious Kala Chana Bowl recipe. Experience the authentic taste of black chickpeas cooked in aromatic Indian spices. High in fiber, low in calories - a perfect meal for health enthusiasts. #IndianCuisine #HealthyEating #QuickRecipe #PunjabiFlavours #KalaChanaBowl

Gujarati Khichdi in a Bowl

Experience the vibrant flavors of India with a simple yet nourishing recipe - Gujarati Khichdi in a Bowl. This delightful meal, packed with protein and fiber, will transport you to the heart of Gujarat. With basic ingredients like rice, lentils, and kitchen spices, create a comforting dish in just a few minutes. Don't forget to garnish with a spoonful of ghee and serve hot in a bowl. Perfect for busy or lazy days when you crave homely food. #IndianCuisine #GujaratiKhichdi #HealthyEating #ComfortFood

Coconut Lentil Delight Bowl

For those seeking a healthy, yet tasty meal, satisfy your taste buds with our Coconut Lentil Delight Bowl! This one-bowl wonder brings the richness of South Indian cuisine to your table. Protein-packed lentils and rice cooked in flavorful coconut milk, mixed veggies gently simmered on a low flame - wrapped up in the tangy zest of a lemon and the warming aroma of curry leaves. Minimalistic, yet nutritious, and perfect for keeping that calorie count in check. Get set to immerse yourself in a delightful culinary experience. #SouthIndianCuisine #HealthyEating #VegetarianRecipe

Refreshing Quinoa Pilaf with Mango and Cucumber

Experience a burst of refreshing and hearty Indian flavors with our 15-minute satisfying yet lightweight Quinoa Pilaf, packed with fresh mango, crunchy cucumber, and tender green lentils. Playfully harnessing the bliss of cooling mint, lime, and Indian spices, it gives you a guilt-free pleasure of eating ethically and healthily. Are you ready to make this your regular lunch rotation star and satisfy your tastebuds? #QuinoaPilaf #HealthyRecipe #Vegan #QuickMeals #EthicallyDelicious Note: The posts are limited to 280 characters for Twitter. You may need to publish your post across multiple tweets or trim it down to fit within the character limit.

Rekindle your culinary skills by diving into this wholesome Chinese

Dive into a wholesome Chinese-Indian fusion dish sure to rekindle your culinary skills. This simple, nutritious one-bowl recipe is a burst of nuanced flavours and rich aromas. An easy solution to your hunger, it's light yet scrumptious - letting you enjoy the best of both worlds. Discover the joy of cooking Five-Spiced Vegetable Fried Rice. A minimal ingredient recipe promising a well-balanced meal under 200 calories. #ChineseIndianFusion #JainCuisine #EasyRecipes #HealthyLiving

Mediterranean Fusion Dal Risotto

Embark on a culinary journey as Italian cuisine mixes with Indian in a bowl of Mediterranean Fusion Dal Risotto! This simple, delicious, and healthy dish blends comfort with sophistication, giving you a unique gastronomic experience right at home. Imagine flavonoids of tomato mixing with soothing lentils over a fluffy bed of rice. Sound satisfying? Give it a try! #HomeCooking #HealthyEating #DalRisotto #FusionFood